Artwork Collection 1

Hello and thank you so much for visiting Miggy Moo Designs, the online art & illustrated designs website.

I am a long-established Southend-on-Sea, artist, and illustrator who has been encouraged by friends and professionals to put some of my work on different apparel including Tote-bags, T-shirts, mugs, baby clothes, etc.

Being a small start-up business I am printing the merchandise, and gift memorabilia myself (a new experience but one I'm enjoying learning about).

Most of my work is Fine-art based and covers subjects like Memories, Nostalgia, Humour, and Satire and very often my main subjects are children or animals which I find increasingly endearing.

Born in a Hippy commune in Brighton but moved back to my parent's hometown when I was two.

I grew up in The 1970s in Shoeburyness, Essex part of a large unconventional family with roots from Native Canadian Indian through to gypsy (both of which I am very proud of and with my wayward childhood ( we were pretty wild and often barefoot) and the one thing that jelled us as a family was humour.


When things were tough, we always found something to laugh about and this I am glad to say is one of my embedded personality traits now (which I hope shows through in some of my work).

Not all of my art is bright and cheerful as often I have something to say about the environment as I grew up believing Mother Nature gives us everything we need.

If you'd like to find out more about each image please just hover over it and if you find any artwork or design you specifically like, follow the link to my online shop. Yes, I called it a shop, just sounds more homely than a store.

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